4ème Atelier de Marie Lannelongue des procédures inhabituelles en cardiologie interventionnelle

Fermetures des Fuites Périprothétiques Valvulaires Cardiaques  (FFPP)

Le Vendredi 15 mars 2019

9h00 – 17h30

Hôpital Marie Lannelongue – Salle René Sauvage


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 – 8h30 – 9h00 Registration.

 – 9h00 – 10h30 Clinical studies 1 

  • HOLE registry: SpanisH real-wOrld paravalvular LEaks closure. FREIXA (Spain)
  • Percutaneous Device closure of Paravalvular leak: Combined experience From the United Kingdom & Ireland. FARAG (UK)
  • “Combo – technic” for mitral PVLc: What is-it? Results. SMOLKA (Poland)
  • Results of a multicentric international registry. ONORATO (Italy)
  • A monocentric Turkish center experience. KILIC (Turkey)


 – 10h45 – 11h15 Rapid fire session: “My worst nightmare” 1 

  • Hemolysis after PVL closure – still far from a good solution. SMOLKA (Poland)
  • Persistent mitral leakage after implantation of two devices. ONORATO (Italy)
  • Worsened anemia in two patients ZORINAS (Lithuania)

– 11h15 – 12h30 Clinical cases. Imaging

  • Echocardiography: when a PVL is difficult to assess (short cases)

. Choosing the right device for the right patient. C. MOLDOVAN (Greece)

. Doubts and certitudes. F. BAUER (Rouen – Fr)

. A PVL may be not easy to close. P.Y LEROUX (Lyon – Fr) 

  • PVL 3D printing: first practical experiences. CIOBOTARU (Nîmes Fr)
  • How do I determine my approach to close mitral paravalvular leak? KILIC (Turkey)

LUNCH  12h30 – 13h30 

– 13h30 – 14h15 Clinical studies 2 

  • Lithuanian trans-apical mitral paravalvular leak closure. ZORINAS (Lithuania)
  • Prospective FFPP registry: procedural results of 2017–2018 and 1 year follow-up
  1. GERARDIN (Plessis-Robinson – Fr)
  • 2018: what’s new in literature? KLOECKNER (Plessis Robinson – Fr) 

–  14h15 – 16h00 Session « How should I treat? » presented by guests:  indications and technical choices 

  • A multiple paravalvular leaks: which approach? MOLDOVAN (Greece)

A recalcitrant tricuspid leak. D. CHAMPAGNAC (Lyon – Fr)

  • Obstruction of a mechanical tilting-disc mitral prosthetic valve. ONORATO (Italy)
  • An incomplete mitral PVLc: next step? POTIER (Plessis Robinson – Fr)
  • A para TMVI leak. R. GALLET (Créteil – Fr)
  • A para TAVI leak. GHOSTINE (Plessis-Robinson – Fr)


–  16h15 – 17h30 Rapid fire session: “My worst nightmare” 2 

  • Left ventricular perforation. S. BÉRAUD (Toulouse – Fr)
  • A very successful procedure but my worst nightmare!!! KILIC (Turkey)
  • An aortic paravalvular leak: when the aorta is horizontal. MOLDOVAN (Greece)
  • Repeated PVLc with technical success but … HASCOËT (Plessis-Robinson – Fr)